You’re officially a nursing student. Now what?

Now that you’ve been accepted into the Traditional BSN program, it’s time to take these important next steps.

Connect with Your Advisor

Your advisor is here to make your transition to the College of Nursing smooth and successful. You should have received contact information for your advisor (faculty preceptor) in the welcome packet that was sent to your mailing address. Contact your advisor soon so you can work together to build your fall course schedule.

Verify Earned Credit

Earned Credit covers any courses for which you will automatically receive AP or IB credit or dual credit. Do not sign up for any of those courses unless you plan to refuse credit on that course. Complete the Undergraduate_Request_to_Decline_Credit to refuse credit. Please reach out to your advisor should you have any questions.

Pre-registered Courses

Keep in mind that you will have at least one or two assigned courses in the customized message sent to your Creighton University email. Your introduction to the Culture of Collegiate Life course (RSP 102) will meet once a week for 50 minutes. Make sure you record these pre-registered classes on your Schedule_Planning_Worksheet.

Plan Your Schedule

Consider your areas of interest and add courses in a variety of core categories to your schedule. Contact your advisor to discuss your plan of study if you intend on pursuing a customized track (like Pre-Med, ROTC, or Study Abroad) or if you’ve received college credit, as these circumstances will change your plan.

When you’ve done your research and feel ready to set your schedule, start looking in the NEST for open sections. Like anything else in life, it takes a bit of trial and error to perfect your schedule. If you’re planning on doing work-study, allow some blocks of time in your schedule for work. Outside employment is not encouraged due to the intensive nature of our nursing programs.

10 Tips for Registration Day

  1. Have your advisor-approved schedule ready with alternate courses in mind in case any of your desired courses are unavailable.
  2. Know your NetID login information (ID and password) so you can sign into NEST.
  3. Know your registration time and have your PIN handy. Once you’re logged into NEST, your registration PIN allows you to access the Add/Drop area, so you can register for classes.
  4. Having trouble getting into NEST? Call the DoIT Student Help Desk at 402.280.1111 and select option 2.
  5. Experiencing difficulties with registration? Contact the Registrar’s Office at 402.280.4019.
  6. If you have trouble finding open courses that fit your schedule, consider moving the following courses to the first semester: ENG 102, ENG 121, PHL 107, and/or THL 100.
  7. Do not drop CHM 111, BMS 111, or RSP 102. These courses are required for all nursing students on the 4-year plan of study.
  8. PSY 111 and SOC 101/SOC 102/ANT 111 are pre-requisites to NUR 228 and must be completed during your freshman year, preferably first semester.
  9. Try your best to get a complete schedule today. If you don’t get the exact courses you want on Registration Day — that’s okay. 
  10. Making changes to your schedule is easy! Just log in to NEST from time to time and check the status of your desired courses. If another student drops the class or more seats become available, you can always add it to your schedule.


Core Requirements

Your general course requirements as a College of Nursing student include:

  • Core Category A: Theology, Philosophy, & Ethics – 12 Hours
  • Core Category B: Cultures, Ideas, & Civilizations – 12 Hours
  • Core Category C: Natural Science – 19 Hours
  • Core Category D: Social & Behavioral Sciences – 6 Hours
  • Core Category E: Skills – 5 Hours
  • Core Category F: Electives – 3 Hours

Foreign Language

You are not required to take a foreign language as a College of Nursing student. However, you can choose to take a foreign language as a skills course. The level of course you take to begin your language study at Creighton depends on your high school language background. You will be required to take an Online Placement Test if you plan to continue your course of language study in French, German or Spanish.


If you have taken more than one year of high school chemistry (AP, IB, etc.), you can elect to start at a higher course level.

  • AP Exam score of 5 earns 8 credit hours
  • AP Exam score of 4 earns 4 credit hours
  • IB Exam score of 6 in the HL Chemistry earns 8 credits


You are not required to take English Composition unless your ACT score was 22 or below. However, you can elect to take English as a part of your skills course requirements.


As a nursing student, you must have up-to-date immunizations in order to participate in clinicals. You will receive a letter in the mail with instructions on how to complete the required immunizations. All immunizations should be submitted to Student Health Services prior to the start of your first semester.

Specific questions about immunizations may be referred to SUSANWESTON [at] creighton [dot] edu (Sue Weston), RN in Student Health Services.

Background Check

You must complete a background check during or prior to your first semester. The background checks are completed through Verified Credentials. Please read the Complete_Background_Check before starting the online verification process.

Each background check will include—but is not limited to—a combination of the following screenings for every state and county of residence:

  • County Criminal Record Search
  • Alias Name Search
  • Found Wants and Warrants
  • Found Protection Orders
  • Residential History Search
  • Social Security Number Search
  • Abuse Registry
  • Sex Offender Registry

Physical Examination

Prior to starting your first semester, you must verify that you are not a health hazard to patients. Simply have your healthcare provider (MD, DO, NP, PA) complete a Attestation_of_Physical_Exam_Form and submit the completed form to Sarah Meisinger, College of Nursing Compliance Coordinator, by the start of your first semester.

Drug Screening

In order to participate in clinical practicums, you will be required to submit to and pass drug testing. Drug screenings will be completed during the first semester of your freshmen and junior year. More information will be distributed at that time.

Minimum Computer Requirements


Do I need a car?
You do not need a car during you first year and probably not for the second year. You may need a car when you start attending clinicals and different sites around the area. Carpooling is always a possibility — just make sure you communicate with your clinical instructor and classmates.

What supplies/equipment will I need?
You’ll need stethoscopes for Health Assessment during your sophomore year. Check with Creighton University Student Nursing Association (CUSNA) the semester before your Health Assessment. They sell stethoscopes to Creighton students at a discounted rate.
You’ll also need to purchase an approved lab coat and scrubs (uniforms) just before your junior year for clinicals. More specific information about those items will be provided later on during the program.

What grades do I have to maintain?
You’ll be put on Academic Probation if your GPA falls below a 2.2. You must earn at least a 1.75 GPA during your freshmen year to progress to sophomore status. A “C” grade or better is required in all nursing and nursing support courses. Any grade less than a “C” is considered a failure.

If you have questions on repeating courses or the policies that apply to grades in the College of Nursing, please speak with your Faculty Preceptor or contact the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.

Do I have to take classes in a specific order?
Yes. As an admitted student in the BSN Traditional nursing program, you’ll need to take courses in the sequence outlined in your plan of study. Our courses are sequential in nature and must be taken in the order identified.

Why do health science students need more immunizations?
As a health science student, you have a much greater chance of being exposed to serious illnesses and diseases. The agencies we use for clinical experiences require that all health sciences students have the required immunizations. For patient safety, students without the necessary immunizations will not be allowed into the facility. Contact SUSANWESTON [at] creighton [dot] edu (Sue Weston), RN, in Student Health Services, for more information.

How do I keep track of my immunizations?
You can view your immunizations status on NEST. Feel free to contact the College of Nursing Compliance Officer, sarahmeisinger [at] creighton [dot] edu (Sarah Meisinger) with any questions.

Who do I contact about financial aid and scholarships?
You’ll be notified directly by the College of Nursing as additional scholarship opportunities arise after your first semester. Contact the Office of Financial Aid at 402.280.2731 with any further questions.

When do I start clinical rotations?
Clinical rotations begin in the fall of your junior year and continue through your senior year.

What if all of the courses I need to take are closed?
The Core Curriculum gives you a lot of flexibility with scheduling. If there are no open sections of a course that is highly recommended, try to be open-minded when it comes to choosing other courses. Log into NEST occasionally and check the status of your more desired classes. You can always change your schedule as sections free up over the summer. If all else fails, you can also contact the department chair during Welcome Week to see if you can get an override into the course.

I want to study abroad. What should I do?
You will need to let your advisor know to plan accordingly. It is important to do this before you register for second semester classes. Now is a good time to start compiling information about where you would like to travel and how a semester abroad will fit into your plan of study. You can get more detailed information from the International Programs office, located on the third floor of the Harper Center.

What about my work study job?
Work-study is managed through our Financial Aid office. During Welcome Week, you will receive your work-study assignment and will be given instructions on when and how to get in contact with the department for which you will be working.

When do I find out about my roommate?
You’ll receive information about your assigned residence hall and roommate during the summer before your freshman year. If you have concerns about how these will be communicated, please contact the Admissions office.

Can I change my RSP section time?
We are very hesitant to change RSP sections unless it is absolutely necessary. RSP sections are put together with careful attention to balance. We try to balance the sections to provide a variety by gender, achievement level, and geographic area. Throughout the summer you will be working with your Faculty Preceptor who is also the instructor for your RSP course. When we change RSP sections for a student, we throw that section off-balance, and sometimes we are not able to get that balance back.

What is Edge120 and why are some students assigned to take it?
EDGE 120 (Strategies for Academic Success) is a course designed to help you achieve academic success at Creighton, with an emphasis of improving personal academic skills. EDGE120 is assigned as a condition of a student’s admission to the University. If this is the case with you, you have been pre-assigned to a section of EDGE120 so that we can make the students in your course as diverse (in terms of gender, race, geographical area, etc.) as possible, and to even out class sizes for each section.

What is COM 152 and why are some students assigned to take it?
The Freshman Leadership Program (FLP) seeks to form a living and learning community of students. One of the facets of this program is a course with sections consisting only of FLP students. This year, the A, B, and C sections of COM 152 are reserved for FLP students only. If you are in the Freshman Leadership Program, you have been pre-registered for a section of this course.

What is the typical course load for an incoming freshman?
As a full-time student you’ll need to register for and complete at least 12 semester hours. We recommend taking between 14 and 17 credit hours.

Can I change my schedule after classes have started?
Yes. You can add/drop a class through online registration during the first week of the semester. If you drop a course during the first week of the semester, it will be removed from your transcript. You can withdraw from a course until shortly after midterm (see the academic calendar for details). This will appear as a “W” (withdrawal) on your record.

How do I change my schedule?
First, you’ll need to discuss the change with your advisor and make sure there is room available in the course you want to add. Changes can be made directly online — just access NEST like you did during registration. You’ll need your NetID and password handy.

When do I find out about my AP scores?
Creighton receives the AP scores in mid-July. You can check your NEST to see which courses you’ve received credit for. If you know your score, find out which credits you will be awarded at Advanced Placement.