DAISY Faculty Awards

What is the DAISY Faculty Award?

DAISY Faculty Award in Memory of J. Patrick BarnesThe DAISY Foundation developed this program to provide colleges and schools of nursing a national recognition program they may use to show appreciation to faculty for their commitment and inspirational influence on their nursing students. The DAISY Foundation hopes that this program will contribute to a positive work environment for faculty in schools.

Faculty members who are nominated for The DAISY Faculty Award are individuals who have made an impact on their students, the students’ future patients, and the nursing profession. These faculty members consistently demonstrate excellence in the classroom, in their clinical expertise and by providing outstanding leadership to our students and in the healthcare community. 

Award criteria for DAISY faculty award 

  • Serves as a role model and mentor for faculty, staff, or students
  • Inspires and motivates faculty, staff, or students
  • Demonstrates compassion for patients/clients, faculty, staff and students
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm for teaching, scholarship, and service
  • Embraces the Ignatian values in everyday life
    • Work should be done with the thought of doing more
    • Broadens understanding of cultural and global differences and increases civic engagement
    • Takes care of the entire person and cares for the individual needs
    • Should find themselves within and are more successful if they understand who they are as a person
    • Broadens one’s understanding of faith and creates a wide religious acceptance
    • Educates on experiences to increase awareness and growth

* Previous DAISY Faculty Award recipients may be nominated, but are ineligible to receive the award for the following three years. However all DAISY nominees are formally acknowledged at a College of Nursing faculty meeting.

How to Nominate

Students, alumni, faculty and staff may nominate a deserving Creighton nursing faculty member by completing the DAISY Faculty Award Nomination Form online OR File download the form (Word document) and submit it to DAISYAward [at] creighton [dot] edu.

For questions, contact:

Sue Magnuson, B.A.
Senior Program Coordinator
smag [at] creighton [dot] edu