Nicole Schroeder, MS, RN
Nicole Schroeder, MS, RN

Nicole Schroeder, MS, RN

College of Nursing


  • Mental Health
  • Geriatric Medicine/Hospice
  • Med-Surg
  • Epidemiology

Academic Appointments


  • Instructor


Ms. Nicole Schroeder joined the College of Nursing in 2018 and is currently an Instructor of Nursing. She received her BSN degree in 2004 from Creighton University, her MS degree in 2008 from Winona State University, and is in the process of achieving her DNP degree from Augsburg University. Prior to becoming an Instructor, Ms. Schroeder was a practicing nurse at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Her areas of specialty include med-surg nursing, mental health nursing, and epidemiology research.

Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

  • Nursing as a Vocation.
    Psychological Trauma associated with Nursing Practice.
    The Dialectics of Nursing Practice: Bridging the Gap between Emancapatory Feeling and Critical Thinking.