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Prepare to be a leading scholar and teacher in a dynamic field, with a PhD in pharmacology from Creighton University.

The doctoral program in pharmacology prepares you for a career in teaching and research in your choice of a broad variety of pharmacology research disciplines, including autonomic pharmacology, cardiovascular pharmacology, ocular pharmacology, renal pharmacology, exocrine pharmacology, cardiovascular pharmacology, immunopharmacology, neuropharmacology, toxicology and more.

This flexible program combines comprehensive coursework and research in the specialization of your choice. You will work closely with a faculty mentor throughout the program. Creighton pharmacology faculty members reflect the complex scope of modern pharmacological research as they apply methods of systems and cell physiology, neuroscience, biochemistry, and cellular and molecular biology to better understand drug action.


With a PhD in pharmacology from Creighton, your career could take a number of fulfilling paths. Pharmacologists can work for pharmaceutical manufacturers or as educators and researchers at universities. Pharmacologists are also employed in commercial and crime labs, and in the medical, dental and veterinary fields.

What You'll Learn

  • A broad knowledge of pharmacology and expertise in your specialized area of research
  • An understanding of the pharmacological basis of therapeutics
  • How to critically judge research and initiate scholarly activity based on current literature
  • How to maintain the highest ethical and professional standards


Admissions Requirements

  • Fill out the application form, which requires details of your academic history as well as names and addresses of faculty willing to recommend you. Include the $50 application fee
  • Explain why you want to apply. Please specify on the form that you are interested in Pharmacology.
  • Three letters of recommendation. Evaluators should fill out the evaluation form above AND include a separate letter.  These items are mailed to us by the evaluator, separate from the application form, which you mail to the Graduate School.
  • All official undergraduate and postgraduate (if applicable) transcripts.
  • GRE exam scores are required. Official scores should be sent directly to the Creighton University Graduate School.
  • Foreign students who use English as a second language must also have taken the TOEFL test, including the test of written English.  Again, scores are reported to the Creighton University Graduate School.

When the Creighton University Graduate School is in possession of all of the above items, the application is then forwarded to the Department of Pharmacology for consideration.  If a portion of your application has been received but some items are missing (usually letters of recommendation) a notice will be sent to you explaining what you need to do to complete the application.

Applications are not sent to the pharmacology department for consideration until they are complete.

Tuition & Scholarships

The department offers graduate fellowships on a competitive basis to promising PhD students. Stipends and tuition are provided by either individual faculty research grants or Creighton University graduate fellowships.

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